"gastropub noun  gas·tro·pub \ˈga-strō-ˌpəb\ :

a pub, bar, or tavern that offers meals of high quality" --- Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Burke Publick House

Rest, relaxation, and refreshment are all available at the Burke Publick House, situated in the village of East Burke, Vermont. Wind your way behind the Northeast Kingdom Country Store in the village and you'll find our pub, ready with a friendly smile, excellent service, and food and drink you won't soon forget.

Since 2014, the Burke Publick House has had the opportunity to educate the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont, and everyone who visits from afar, as to what a gastropub is. For those people who have never heard of one, it's essentially a pub that excels in food...and that's what we pride ourselves on: our food, as well as our craft brews and signature cocktails. With the freshest seafood delivered daily, produce harvested and locally-sourced in-season, and our meats coming from both Northeast Kingdom Processing and Libbey's Meat Market, we strive to bring you a food & drink experience you won't soon forget.

Burke Publick House

~ Curtis & Nicki Cuccia